Moving House? Avoid These Mistakes for a Stress-Free Move


Moving to a new house is exciting, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Whether you’re relocating to a different city or just moving to a new neighbourhood, there are several things you need to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful move. In this article, we’ll discuss the things you should avoid doing when moving house.

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving house is procrastinating. Many people wait until the last minute to start packing and preparing for their move. This can lead to unnecessary stress and chaos. Make a plan and start packing as early as possible. Don’t wait until the week of your move to start packing. Also, avoid procrastinating other important tasks, such as changing your address, setting up utilities and internet, and redirecting mail.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Removalists

When it comes to hiring removalists, it’s essential to do your research and choose a reputable and reliable company. Don’t just go with the first removalist you find online. Visit to find reviews and recommendations from other people who have used removalist services. Make sure the company you choose is licensed, insured, and experienced in moving household items. Also, get a written quote and ask about any additional fees or charges.

Don’t Overpack Boxes

It may be tempting to pack as many items as possible into each box to save time and space, but overpacking can lead to boxes breaking or items getting damaged during transit. Make sure you don’t exceed the weight limit of each box and use appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap and packing paper, to protect fragile items.

Don’t Forget to Label Boxes

Labeling boxes is essential for a smooth and organized move. Make sure you label each box with its contents and which room it belongs in. This will make it easier for you and the removalists to know where each box should go in your new home. You may visit here to find printable labels you can use for your move.

Don’t Ignore Your Finances

Moving can be expensive, so it’s essential to have a budget in place and stick to it. Don’t forget to factor in expenses such as removalist fees, cleaning fees, and new furniture or appliances. Also, make sure you update your address with your bank, credit card companies, and any other financial institutions to avoid missing important statements or bills.

Don’t Neglect Cleaning and Maintenance

Before you move out of your old home, make sure you clean it thoroughly and perform any necessary maintenance tasks, such as patching holes in walls or fixing leaks. This will ensure that you get your full bond back and leave the property in good condition for the next tenants.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Process

Moving house can be stressful, but it can also be an exciting and rewarding experience. Don’t forget to take breaks and enjoy the process. Take time to explore your new neighbourhood, meet new people, and make your new house feel like home.

In conclusion, moving house can be a daunting task, but by avoiding these common mistakes, you can make the process much smoother and stress-free. Make a plan, do your research, and take the time to enjoy the experience. With the right mindset and preparation, you’ll be settling into your new home in no time.

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