5 Exterior Home Repairs and Projects to Do Before the Snow Begins

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It’s that time when many parts of the country are gearing up for the first snowfall of the year. However, there is still a little time left before any significant accumulation begins. For homeowners that means you now have a small window where you can do exterior home repairs and projects before the snow starts falling. Do you need to prioritize your list and make sure you’re doing the most pressing repairs and projects? Here are five that should make it to the top of the list.

Make Sure Your Roof is Sound for the Harsh Weather

Perhaps the most important repair to do right now is to ensure your roof is sound. Winter can mean high winds, rain, freezing rain, snow and ice build-up and if your roof has damage, leaks or a hole then you’re in for a very large problem. Try searching for “roof repair near me” to find a reputable, licensed and experienced company of professionals. Look for one that can come out and do a roof inspection for free so that you get an idea of what you’re dealing with. Repairs don’t always mean a total roof replacement, so it’s important not to automatically jump to that conclusion.

It’s Time to Secure Fencing and Make Repairs

If you have privacy fencing on your property it can also take a beating over the years. Some repairs can only be done during the warmer weather, before the ground freezes. If you need to replace any posts by digging up the old ones and pouring new ones, this can’t be done in the middle of winter. Check for loose boards, missing boards, wood rot and so forth, getting everything in tip-top shape now.

Inspect the Siding – Does It Need Attention?

This is a great time to also inspect the exterior siding on your home. If you don’t make it a habit to maintain it, then there’s a chance you may have wear and tear and even damage. The worstthing would be missing siding, as you can’t head into winter without that barrier. The siding may just need a simple repair or a replacement, depending on the issue.

Do Any Trees or Bushes Need Trimming?

As mentioned, high winds can be a common factor during the winter months. Because of that, tree limbs and branches can often break/come loose and end up damaging your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is to prune/trim any branches that are touching or close to your home. Branches that appear dead or that have broken but not fallen off completely should also be removed. Anything that can act as a projectile in wind is a problem.

Install Weather-Stripping to Windows and Doors

Want to save on your home heating bills this winter? The solution is simple, and that’s weather-proofing your home so there is no air loss. Weather stripping can be applied to windows and doors and works to give a tight and reliable seal. The warm air will stay in, and the cold stays out.

By using this list as a guide, you’ll be ensuring that your home is ready for winter.

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