Osteoporosis: What Is Osteoporosis

What Is Osteoporosis
What Is Osteoporosis

Lithophagy is eating rocks and earthy substances. It is common among birds and animals. In medicine, stone and clay preparations are used to improve human health. We describe how osteoporosis maintains the health of the human body in this article.

Many chickens are colorful. Chickens, geese and ducks swallow pebbles that they primarily look for on earth. They are rubbed together with other foods that help the digestive process in the stomach.

Mammals also eat sand and soil. Amphibians, reptiles and several fish with peaks eat rocks.

Osteoporosis is used to improve human health.

Elk, deer and wolves find rocks and lick them. It is believed that in this way, animals find salt in nature to make up for the lack of sodium in the body. Scientists have found that the stones they choose to eat have nothing to do with salt. Studies have shown that ion exchange processes take place between animals and rocks. The body is freed from unnecessary and harmful substances, and the missing ones are renewed. One of the hypotheses about the occurrence of osteoporosis scientists explains the instincts of self-treatment animals. Bears consume soil salts with health problems: diarrhea, poisoning, parasitic infections, etc.

Lithophagy became widespread among monkeys. It is also typical of humans.

The famine in the Volga region, which came after the civil war and severe drought, forced people to eat land. The food consisted of clay saturated with decay products of organic matter.

Different tribes and nations

Ethnologists noticed this phenomenon when studying the peculiarities of life and nutrition of different tribes and nations. Indigenous peoples of many continents have stones and earth in their diet. Native Americans eat clayey silt that is fried in a fire. Peruvians make a dish out of clay and mix it with potatoes. The Maori tribes of New Zealand eat the gray-yellow earth of volcanic origin. The people of Indonesia have a popular food called “Ampo.” It covers fertile land from rice fields.

Women from African countries love to eat rocks. Their bodies lack minerals: calcium, silicon, iron and more. You can buy stones in African stores. They are sold in a wide range: small and large, varying in color and taste.

Ancient Chinese and Tibetan treatises have shown that rocks and minerals in food have a healing effect on humans.

Civilization has replaced stones from our diet. Modern people can hardly be called lithophanes, but we cannot be without salt, and in case of poisoning, we take activated carbon. Some women eat chalk and clay during pregnancy.



Osteoporosis maintains the health of the human body.

It testifies that man still needs products from the bowels of the earth. Pharmaceutical manufacturers produce biological additives from volcanic rocks – zeolites. In medicine, they are used to maintain the health of the human body. Doctors also prescribe these medicines to speed up the patient’s recovery process.

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