Skills: How to Test Your Skills

Test Your Skills
Test Your Skills

There are many definitions of what a skill is. However, it can reduce all the claims of psychologists and teachers to a general formula: skill is a method of action that one succeeds in achieving a specific goal. This approach is determined by acquired knowledge and skills. Sometimes teachers must test their skills in organizing their work with students. It is also necessary for the head of the company who wants to hire a suitable employee.


  • test projects;
  • Features for creating game modes.


Step 1

can use several methods to test a particular skill. One of the main ones is the method of direct observation. Its disadvantage is that it takes time to analyze the skills in detail. But he also has an advantage. The person you are testing your skills with may not even suspect that they are being monitored. He feels free and can show all the skills he has. Make a sign. In the first column, write the skills you want to test. The rate is in the following columns.

Step 2

You can conduct a survey. However, we cannot always use it. Surveys work best when combined with other methods. If you limit yourself to just a little, you can get inaccurate information. If a young child usually answers sincerely what they can and cannot do, then an adult applicant for this or that position may have excellent reasons to tell a lie.

Step 3

There are all kinds of test projects to test your skills. The set of such projects is designed for many professions. For example, a candidate for secretary may be offered a typing speed test. School children or students can be tested, but their tasks include the necessary skills.

Step 4

Children are thrilled to show what they can do in a game situation. They can be very different. To believe how a child may fit objects in shape and size, offer him an insert or a nesting doll. If you need to know if children can communicate freely with adults, create a situation where the child is forced to ask or ask questions. For example, stand in the hallway of the playground and watch the children behave. In such a situation, it is straightforward to find out who can reach out to adults and politely ask them to give way and who pushes everyone with their elbows.



Step 5

It is also possible to offer adult play facilities. These can be various business games. Participants take on specific roles and must demonstrate appropriate skills. Games can be both verbal and actual actions. It all depends on the goal. For example, you can test your ability to communicate on your phone with a pun. Computer simulators can be used to test practical skills. Thus, several aspects of the qualifications of drivers, pilots, air traffic controllers and representatives of several other professions are examined.

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