First edition Charizard

First edition Charizard

The fever with opening envelopes, seeing the contents and praying for a letter that gives us early retirement is devastating. And it is that the figures that some of these objects are reaching are truly dizzying first edition Charizard.The last case is a holographic letter from Charizard, which was bought for 311,800 dollars, as reported in Nintendo Life. The reasons for reaching such a number are as follows:
. This is the First edition Charizard printed in 1999.
. It is a holographic version.
. Perhaps most important of all, as it earned a PSA 10 rating. Or what is the same, it is intact and without any trace of the passage of time or use on it.
Sold through eBay by PWCC Auctions, the company has clarified that there are only 122 cards with such a good conservation score. Therefore, we are faced with a real rarity.
“First edition Charizard Core Set inspires admiration even after nearly a quarter of a century. This historic work of art designed by celebrated artist Mitsuhiro Arita is, without a doubt, the most recognizable Pokémon card in history,” they assure from the auction house.

First edition Charizard
First edition Charizard

The truth is that the cards, not only Pokémon, are items that do not stop being revalued. A couple of months ago, a Magic: The Gathering card sold for an astronomical $511,100. Even within the Nintendo franchise, Charizard’s card isn’t the record holder, with the honor reserved for Blastoise with over $360,000.
Bearing this in mind, it is not uncommon for a first edition Charizard in the near mint condition of this Charizard to have broken all records at this type of auction. The card has been listed for as much as $311,800 on eBay, but it’s considered the holy grail of Pokémon card memorabilia and had already been PSA rated ‘Gem Mint 10’, making it perfect.
Hundreds of similar cards have been submitted over the years, but fewer than 200 have received this 2-digit score. Of course, although the purchase at the end was made for this incredible amount of final money, it is not the largest amount that has been invested in a single Pokémon card.

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